Data, code, and analysis

This book explores human trafficking as a prime example of scorecard diplomacy. It focuses on both theory and practice to derive new understandings about power and influence, but also practical insights about policy execution.

The research relies on extensive data collection and combines multiple methods. Data coded specifically for this project as well as preexisting data were used for descriptive and traditional statistical analysis. Original data created included a measure of NGO presence, US TIP funding, a dataset of public and private reactions to TIP reports, and data on criminalization updated from a prior project with Beth Simmons.

The information on this page should be used in conjunction with the book and in particular the extensive Methods Appendix where the reader should go to find information about case selection, statistical method, coding schemes and the like.

Data from the global survey of NGOs is available in its own section on this website.

The spread of domestic laws criminalizing human trafficking
The spread of domestic laws criminalizing human trafficking