Additional analysis

Much of the analysis and statistical modeling run for the project did not end up in the final book. Results from this additional analysis is available in two different notebooks:

  • Replication and extension.pdf: Much of the statistical work in Scorecard Diplomacy is based on the models in Judith G. Kelley and Beth A. Simmons. 2015. “Politics by Number: Indicators as Social Pressure in International Relations.” American Journal of Political Science 59, no. 1 (January): 55–70. doi:10.1111/ajps.12119. The models in the article were created using Stata, and to ensure that the R-based results for the book were comparable, we first replicated the results from the article before expanding the models for the book’s larger scope. This file shows the replicated results as well as the various iterations of expanded models that preceded the models that ultimately made it into the book.
  • Interactions.pdf: Tables A7.1–5 and Figures A7.1–2 in the book’s Results Appendix include the results from several statistical models that test the interaction of being present or downgraded in the annual TIP Report with the country’s level of democracy. This file shows the results of dozens of other models testing for the interactive effects of 12 individual factors by presence in the TIP Report, receiving a lower rating, and being downgraded from the previous year.